First steps in MagicStay

How to select my accommodation?

You can quickly select the city and dates of your trip. Thanks to our database of international events, you can also choose the event you are attending and the dates will be automatically proposed. Then you can select the number of rooms required and find the accommodation best suitable for you.

Thanks to the 1 to 5 stars rankings, the comments and the scores left by former tenants (from 1 to 5 hearts), the indication of time you need to reach the exhibition centres, and the neighborhood, you dispose of various choices of selection.

How to contact a host?

On the page of an ad, you may directly contact the host or the agency by clicking on « Contact me » 

What are the cancellation terms?

They are announced in the ad: very flexible, flexible, moderate or strict. By clicking on these conditions, you will obtain all the details

You may choose the MagicFlex Option in order to cancel until 2 days before the start of your booking.

What if the accommodation does not exist?

Impossible! Firstly, because we verify the owners and subsequently, the owner is only paid 48 hours after your arrival on-site. Therefore, there is no interest in offering false advertisement on MagicStay.

How to be sure of safety in my accommodation?

For each housing ad, a list details the security equipment in the apartment (alarm, smoke detector, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, safe, etc.)

Safety instructions with emergency numbers (medical emergency service, firemen, doctors and dentists nearby) and other useful information such as a housing plan with the location of security features are also available. 

What is the Trustay® approach?

The MagicStay apartments are secure because they are managed by professionals who ensure a local presence and can help in case of emergency, and our hotline operates 24/7. Our insurance covers civil liability during your stay. The Trustay approach also guarantees the protection of your personal data and compliance with the law.

Are you the exhibition organiser or do you have a partnership with them?

MagicStay issues a calendar of the main events in the world: Exhibitions, Congresses, Sports or international activities. The events presented in the calendar have been verified by our services but we cannot be held responsible for changes that have taken place since or errors. You must verify all this information with the organiser before making any reservation. The names of these events are registered trademarks and the ownership of the organising companies. We have some partnerships with event organizers to propose our accommodations on their website.

Are you an organiser and would you like to register your event? Are you participating in an event which is not referenced in the list? Let us know! 

How to reset my password?

My account > My Profile > Connection settings


Accommodation and booking

What is the instant booking?

The instant booking offers you the possiblity to book instantly an accommodation without the confirmation of the owner.

If you pay with a credit card, it will be debited instantly. Otherwise, you will have 48 hours to make the transfer. 

What kind of accommodations can I find on MagicStay?

MagicStay offers you studio flats, apartments and villas, as well as serviced apartments. Our selected accommodations will make you feel at home during your business trip, with a kitchen and enough space to rest and work. 

How can I be sure that an accommodation is available at my dates?

After your booking, the host has 24h to confirm the availibity of the accommodation. On average, the response time is only a few hours. For the instant booking offers, it is confirmed immediately.

Can I contact several hosts at the same time?

To save time, you can select all the accommodations you are interested in and add them to your favourites. Then, in your account – Your Favourites – you may send a mail to all the ads you have selected at the same time.

Why is it important to contact the host before booking an accommodation?

When you contact the owner via the messaging platform, you can ensure that the accommodation is available at your dates. You will avoid disappointment and optimize your search time.

What can I do if the host does not respond to my messages?

We encourage the hosts to answer within 24h. However, the response time of each one of them is variable. Do not hesitate to send messages to several hosts.

Can I visit the accommodation before booking it?

For security matter, you cannot visit the accommodation before booking it. We only disclose the personal information of the host after the booking.

Do I need to provide a deposit?

The host is the one choosing the amount of the deposit. He has to indicate it in the ad so as to notify the tenant before booking.

If a host has not indicated an amount in the offer, he cannot ask you to provide a deposit when you check-in.

How do I proceed for the check-in?

After the confirmation of your reservation, we will provide you with the contact information of the owner or the agency. You may then contact them directly to arrange your arrival and the check in.

Can I choose my arrival / departure hour?

The host has set the arrival / departure in the ad. You can also contact him to arrange another time. Don’t forget to notify him if you have a contingency (delayed flight, traffic jam, etc.).

Can I modify the dates of my stay after I’ve booked the accommodation?

Once the booking confirmed, you cannot modify the dates of your stay. If you want to extend your stay, you will have to book a second time the accommodation.


Payment and bill

What are the payment terms?

You make a down-payment on the booking of between 60 and 100% depending on the cancellation terms chosen by the owner. You can pay by credit card (Blue card, Visa, Mastercard, American Express) or by transfer.

What is the amount of service fees?

The amount of service fees ties in the use of the booking services on the website.

What is VAT? How does it apply to me?

If you book for your company, you can indicate your VAT number when creating your account. Thus the EU VAT rules will apply automatically on your bills.

Are the payments secured?

MagicStay uses the authentification system 3D Secure (sending a code by sms) to secure your transactions. 

Can I book an accommodation without making a full payment at first?

Depending on the cancellation terms of the ad, you may pay in two times. However, time lapses between the day you book the accommodation and the day you arrive has to be more than 60 days. You will have to pay a 50% down payment first, then the balance 60 days before the actual start of the stay.

Where to find my receipt or my summary corresponding to my trip?

Log into your account and go to the "My Bookings" tab. You will find a summary of your reservation, by clicking on the reference of your booking, you have all the necessary documents: Detailed description, Voucher to hand if needed to your host, bills.

Can I choose the payment currency?

You can choose to pay in Euro, British Pound, US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Japanese Yen, or Swiss Franc. You can display the ad in the currency of your choice by clicking on the currency symbol on top of the web page.

I cannot pay online. What are my alternatives?

Contact our customer service by phone at +33 (0)1 79 97 80 00 or by email at


Cancellations and other issues

What are the cancellation terms?

They are announced in the advertisement : very flexible, flexible, moderate or strict. By clicking on these conditions, you will obtain all the details

You may choose the MagicFlex Option in order to cancel until 2 days before the start of your booking.

What can I do if the accommodation does not fit to its description?

The 24h guarantee offers you within 24h after your check in to make a claim regarding the conformity of the accommodation (except if the cancellation terms are Very strict). You may contact MagicStay at +33 (0)1 79 97 80 00

The rent that we will credit to the owner can be partially or totally blocked depending on the cancellation terms stipulated during the booking.

Why has my booking request been refused?

There are two possibilities :

> The host has not updated his calendar.

 > He has not actualized his prices

We will automatically propose you similar accommodations.

What can I do if the host cancels the booking after he had confirmed it?

You will be refund of the entirety of what you paid. We will suggest you similar accommodations.

What insurance for the host and the tenant?

MagicStay guarantees the host civil liability of € 1.5 million. Tenants can take out additional travel insurance for those who are not already insured by their company, covering the cancellation or interruption of stay.

What if I have a problem there and cannot reach my host?

A hotline is available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day to answer questions from travelers and help you during your stay. The number is indicated in your booking confirmation.

What happens if the accommodation is damaged during my stay?

If the host has asked you to pay a deposit, he can use it to refund the repair costs. Then, he will give you back the remaining amount of the deposit.


Contact MagicStay

By phone +33 (0)1 79 97 80 00 / By mail :