Professional Mobility Management Software

Extendeez® has been designed to meet the growing need for mobility within companies around the world. Each mobility is an issue, and success is an obligation. Extendeez® is particularly suitable for long-term assignments, professional mobility or expatriate accommodation (temporary or permanent), extended stay or corporate housing.

As the person responsible for organising this mobility, you are faced with many difficulties:

  • Finding adequate housing, often from different sources:. internet platforms,. real estate agencies,. relocation agencies
  • Offer these accommodations to the employee, obtain his final choice and book the apartment
  • Manage the administrative part, rental contract, entry and exit inventories, signature of documents, management of the deposit, options...

Extendez® will allow you to offer your selection of apartments to the employee on a single tool, whatever the source (MagicStay, Booking, Airbnb, Sonder, 2ndAddress, TheHomeLike, real estate agencies, relocation agencies...) and:

  • to obtain the employee's choice,
  • to manage the reservation and storage of all the information related to this reservation: contract, lease, deposit, inventory of fixtures,
  • to schedule reminders of deadlines, to easily use validated standardised letters updated by your legal department,
  • to archive the folders
  • to have an overview of all these apartments in the world and to easily obtain all

Finally, the security of this employee will be totally under control :

  • the presence of security equipment will be checked,
  • and the data of the stay will be automatically transmitted to your security provider used for the business trip (iSOS, SSF, Anticip...).

Extendeez® is free of access, fully configurable and we are constantly working on improving it and new functionalities. The subscription is annual, and its price depends on the features used, the number of nights hosted in the software, and the number of accesses in your company.

Extendeez® is a software in SaaS mode.

Subscription to Extendeez® will be made directly online, starting in April 2020.

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