Travel Manager

MagicStay is an international platform dedicated to business travel

We offer several hundred thousand selected apartments to meet the needs of companies.
Furnished apartments and villas available for short or medium term rental, managed by professionals: real estate agencies, caretakers.

The professional managers provide a level of service and security for your travellers: selected and checked furnished apartments, cleaning, apartment maintenance during the stay, apartment interventions to ensure your employees' safety, late check-in....

  • Apartments in "immediate booking": like a hotel room.
  • Assistance 24 / 24, 7 days a week, in English or French, to accompany your travellers during their stay, and insurance included.
  • All our apartments can be booked in your SBT (Concur®, Kds® for example), or in our Weezard® tool.

Learn more about our Weezard® tool.

Many benefits for your company


Our furnished apartments meet all your needs: duty of care, we protect your travellers' personal data, integration of security (iSOS, SSF, Anticip...), payment (Airplus, Amex BTA...).


This gives your employees a much wider choice of accommodation. It is sometimes very difficult for them to find an available hotel room close to the meeting places, whilst still respecting your travel policy.


You are answering a fast-growing demand for furnished apartments within your company: "live as at home, or on the premises", more space, more privacy, a kitchen and therefore more independence, more conviviality with colleagues...


Include an offer of furnished apartments that allows you to save up to 40% compared to the traditional hotel offer.


We manage all travel policies, from the simplest to the most complex, approval circuits at one or two levels, individual or centralized payments and invoicing, sharing of apartments by several travellers with a differentiated travel policy, for several month stays...


Our apartments are booked directly via our Weezard® tool which will integrate with your travel policy or in your SBT, such as Concur or Kds for example, via the main Hotel Booking Tool, such as CDS or Hcorpo...