Our apartments can be booked through our Apartment Booking Tool Weezard

Weezard allows you to control all travel policies, from the simplest to the most complex.Your employees book directly through MagicStay, an ergonomic and easy-to-use platform, and your travel policy is automatically applied. :

  • City Cap, by country, city and category of travelers
  • Short or long stays, from one night to several months
  • Excluded countries
  • Centralised or non-centralised payments, virtual cards or cards allocated to AMEX BTA or Airplus International
  • Approved by your line manager or line manager, with a simple email, without connection
  • SSO, access to employee documentation, easy integration via an Excel document simplified individual registration of travelers
  • Traceability for travellers and expenditure
  • Connection to the main security servers iSOS, SSF, Anticip, Amarante...
  • Regular reports

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