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Manage and optimise the travel expenses of your company

The benefits

The only platform entirely dedicated to business tourism - Accommodation solutions worldwide, with a kitchen - Significant savings

How does it work?

  • You register your company and create your Travel Manager profile
  • You register the Travel Managers of the company and decide if they only need to be in copy of the trips or if they have to validate each trip of your colleagues
  • You register all the colleagues (or even better: you upload a file of your colleagues) and for each one of them, you assign one of the Travel Managers
  • You enter the travel policies: maximum price per city and per function of the colleagues and whether this maximum price is blocking or if you only need to be notified that it has been exceeded
  • You save your methods of payment: Visa, MasterCard, Amex or bank debits via our partner SLIMPAY.
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  • You follow in real time the invoices, expenses per colleague, per town, and view the travel trips of all of your colleagues.
  • Of course, if your colleagues share an apartment, the price of the accommodation solution will be divided by the number of travellers before applying your travel policy