First steps in MagicStay

How can I post an ad?

You have different ways to do it :

- From the homepage, « List your place » 

- From your personal account « Post a new ad »

Then, you follow the directions and fill the blanks: location, equipments, services, photos, calendar, rent etc.

What is the cost of an ad?

Placing an advertisement on MagicStay is free. However, you have the possibility of buying options which allow you to be more visible on the website and thus, rent your accommodation more frequently. 

When will my ads be posted online?

One of our sales assistant will manually validate your ads. The average time of validation is 48 hours. 

Will I be able to choose my bookings?

Yes, you will. When a tenant has sent a booking request, you will receive an  email and an sms to inform you. You will have 24h to connect yourself to your account and confirm the request. If you decline it or do not confirm it within 24h, the tenant will be automatically redirected to similar accommodations.

How can I be sure to be paid?

If you have selected one of these cancellation terms (Moderate, Flexible, Very flexible), you will receive the money 48hours after the check in.

If you have chosen Strict as cancellation term, you will receive 50% of the reservation amount minus the restitution fees 60 days before the actual start of the stay. Then, you will receive the balance 48 hours after the check in.

How does the sponsorship work?

Indicate the mail address of a friend and the location (country) of your friend’s accommodation.

If you sponsor 1 to 3 contacts, MagicStay offers you a mug. Beyond 3 contacts, you will receive a premium pack for the visibilty of your ad.

If your friend lists his accommodation, he will receive a keychain of MagicStay.

Go to the website to begin the sponsorship!

How can I reset my password?

My account > My profile > Connexion settings


Accommodation and ads management

Can I register several accommodations?

You can post different ads on MagicStay. You just have to create an ad for each accommodation you have.

Can I edit an ad after its publication?

You may modify your ad after its publication. Our sales team will have to validate it before being visible again. 

How can I delete an ad?

You can archive your ads from your account. You just have to click on « Archive » on the ads.

Can I freely set my rent, the tenant's days of arrival, the security deposit...?

Yes, in your personal account, you can modify your rent, the days of tenancy available, the options offered to your tenants at any time, etc 

Can I put different prices depending on the season?

In your account > My properties > Edit > Price/Rents. To change the price of one night, you just have to click on the selected day. You may edit the price in the pop up.

How can I synchronize my MagicStay calendar with another calendar?

You may synchronize your calendars when you create your ad. In « Price/Rents » tab, you can insert your Ical link.

How can I edit my calendar?

To edit your calendar, connect yourself to your account and click on the ad you want to edit. Edit > Price and Rents

How to ensure the safety of my home?

Be sure to fill the presence of safety equipment in on your ads  (alarm, smoke detector, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, safe, etc.) and check them regularly. Also fill in the information of the emergency safety instructions (emergency medical service, fire department, doctors and dentists nearby), and remember to display it in your home.

What is the Trustay® approach?

The safety of business travelers is a key challenge for companies. Our TRUSTAY® commitment implies that you agree to list  the safety equipment of your apartment and check regularly, to respect confidentiality and discretion to tenants. MagicStay is committed to the protection of personal data, transaction security and providing a hotline to travelers.

What are the rules for awarding stars?

We have developed a rating system that attributes stars from 1 to 5 to the accommodations we offer.

Various criterias have been taken into consideration : total surface, surface of the parts, last renovation, equipments, comfort

You have given me 2 stars but I do not agree. How can I modify this rating?

This score is the result of the information which you communicated to us during your registration. We take different criteria into account such as the number of bathrooms or toilets in relation to the number of beds, the last date of renovation, the useful floor space for sleeping, equipment available, etc.

This score is essential in order to inform the tenant of the accommodation's level of comfort. If you think that this score is clearly inferior to what it should be or the opposite, too high, you can send us an email and we will carry out an assessment with you. If the comments and scores of the tenant confirm your position, we can then revise the rating.

You can also request an official rating of the accommodation by the competent authorities. This official rating will take precedence for us.

Is my ad translated in other languages?

We offer you a automatical translation of your ad in 5 languages (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian).



Are my income from MagicStay taxable?

Income from renting your home may be subject to either income tax or corporation tax as well as various taxes. MagicStay sends an annual return of Income at the end of the year to each owner or manager.

Do I have to collect the tourist tax?

Since July 1st, 2016, MagicStay collects the tourist tax in all the cities of France. The amount is indicated to the tenant at the time of booking, and MagicStay transfers directly to the municipalities.


What is the instant booking? How can I subscribe to it?

The instant booking allows tenants to book your accommodation without waiting for your confirmation. It is very useful for someone who wants to book an accommodation just a few days before the actual start of the stay and for business travelers

You can subscribe when you create an ad in the option tab.

Where does the difference between the price I’ve set and the one displayed in the ad come from?

MagicStay adds to the renting price the service fees. In the general conditions B2B and B2C, you will find the calculation methods.

These fees will be at the tenant’s charge.

How does the check-in take place?

After the confirmation of the booking, we will give you the contact information of the tenant. Then, you may contact him(her) directly to set up his(her) arrival at your accommodation.

A tenant would like to visit my accommodation before booking it. What should I do ?

The tenant does not have the right to meet you or visit your accommodation before the confirmation of the booking



When will I be paid? 

If you have selected one of these cancellation terms (Moderate, Flexible, Very flexible), you will receive the money 48 hours after the check in.

If you have chosen Strict as cancellation terms, you will receive 50% of the reservation amount less the restitution fees 60 days before the actual start of the stay. Then, you will receive the balance 48 hours after the check in.


Cancellation and other issues

What are the cancellation terms?

You may choose your cancellation terms in your account > My properties > Price/Rents. You can select one of those: Very flexible, Flexible, Moderate, Strict or Very Strict. By cliking on it, a pop up will give full details.

What happens if the tenant cancels the booking after it had been confirmed?

Depending on the cancellation terms you’ve chosen, you can receive part of the payment.

What happens if I cannot receive the tenant after the confirmation of the booking?

You can cancel the booking. However, you will not receive the rent indicated on the bill. The entirety of the amount will be transfered to the tenant.

What insurance for the host and the tenant?

Check your home insurance to be sufficiently covered and your liability. 

What can I do if my flat has been damaged during the tenant’s stay?

Contact our customer service at +33 (0)1 79 97 80 00 to make a claim. If you have collected a deposit during the check-in, you can use it to pay for the repairs.


Contact MagicStay

By phone +33 (0)1 79 97 80 00 / By mail :