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Luxembourg brings together international finance. Many banks are located there, and business travellers are looking for furnished apartments or apartments to stay in for a few days... or several months.

Capital of a small country, Luxembourg is nevertheless a resolutely lively and animated city. A true cultural platform, it is full of places of artistic expression, such as museums, theatres and theatres. The centre of the country is home to no less than 170 different nationalities who have chosen to live in a city at the heart of the action. Luxembourg's cultural programme reflects the image of city dwellers: multilingual, multicultural, creative and eclectic.

Renowned for its banking centre, it is often forgotten that Luxembourg City is also the seat of many European institutions. Moreover, Luxembourg's business districts clearly demonstrate a dynamic and heterogeneous business platform that is not limited to financial activities. Travel through the city's architectural eras from the historic centre to the modern platforms of the business centres.


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