Viniš?e (Trogir) is the right destination for your vacation? Lala is the name of this object, located in Viniš?e (Trogir). This object is 60 m of air distance away from the sea. During the summer days, look for refreshments for yourself and your family on the beach that is 60 m away from the object. The beach is: pebble beach. To stay on the beach, make sure that you bring towels and protect yourself from the sun with a hat or sunshade, and use a protective cream. Lala has a secured parking, which is another advantage of this accommodation, and is of crucial importance if you travel by car on your vacation. During your vacation, most people love to prepare fish or meat on the grill for dinner or lunch. And after dinner enjoy the night in a pleasant company. The object "Lala" has Grill, so if you like barbecues then you will definitely enjoy staying in this object. Any additional questions related to the beach or destination Viniš?e (Trogir) please check with your host because they still know best the location. We wish you a warm welcome to our facility Lala in destination Viniš?e (Trogir).

Accommodation Lala is located 60 m from the sea, 50 m from the center in the town Viniš?e (Trogir). This accommodation offers a view of the Sea. Type of beach pebble beach. Private accommodation Lala is ideal for 5 persons and has 2 rooms in the accommodation. Accommodation is equipped with: Air conditioning, Television, Internet, Iron. To make the hot summer days more bearable in the accommodation there is an Air conditioning.