Rental basis: Entire house or apartment
Number of bedrooms: 4; Number of other rooms with beds: 0
Number of bathrooms: 4

The villa has a cosy living room. The living room has a fireplace and there are double doors to a large shaded terrace. The kitchen of the villa is fully furnished and meets all modern requirements. The house is suitable for 8-10 people. Cots are available.The villa has 4 large double bedrooms, each with a private bathroom. The beds are of the type box spring. All bedrooms have direct access to a private terrace. Each terrace has a beautiful view.Air conditioning in all rooms. Normal working sewer. Solitary olive trees protect you on the terrace against too much sun. Peace, tranquillity and privacy guarantee all necessary vitamins.

Villa Sophia is a great romantic vacation villa on the island of Lefkas in Greece, which offers ample space for 8 to 10 adults / children. This extraordinary luxury holiday home is surrounded by large terraces and olive trees, 4,700 m2 plot amidst natural vegetation on the hills to the west of the entrance to the bay of Sivota.

The villa has stunning sea views, as very few sites offer. A guaranteed privacy, accompanied by an unprecedented beauty, tranquility and space offers you a holiday where you have long dreamed of. In one of the stone terraces located the sunken private pool (infinity pool) that visually shows the pool overflowing into the sea. In the evening you can bathe in a sea of light with 50 lights, which are mainly controlled automatically.

Greece has about 3000 islands, of which less than 200 are inhabited. The majority lies to the east of Greece in the Aegean sea. Crete here is the largest and most famous island. On the west side of Greece is the Ionian sea with its seven major islands.

In the center of this archipelago lies the island of Lefkada called Lefkada. At the Prefecture of Lefkada, hear again several islands, most of which are off the coast of the tourist resort of Nidri. Scorpios is perhaps the best known, because of the connection with the Onassis family.

Lefkas stands for the Greek authenticity. Lefkada is less known and therefore the country has had no grip even tourism on this island. It’s almost unreal that in modern times, during the tour of the island visiting special Greek villages, each with their own culture. The square sheltered by ancient plane trees, black-clad women who occasionally skittish pass while the men in the square the cards to the shake include reuse of a Greek coffee. It is time and again fantastic to be here and part of submerged be back in a carefree world of decades.

Both the town of Lefkas, Nidri and Sivota are included in the series of flottieljeshavens. Groups of yachts leave in the morning for a new destination ports to make room for others in the afternoon entering again. The corresponding sailor stories are exaggerated in the restaurants and ensures an exuberant mood.

The climate of the islands in the Ionian sea differs from that of the Aegean. The islands in the Ionian Sea show no arid landscape, because it can rain here frequently during the winter. Hereby owes its green nature, where the spring is characterized by many budding flowers, shrubs and trees, which goes hand in hand with spreading a smell of delicious herbs over the entire island. The nature is beautiful and a midriff mountain landscape varies anywhere.

On the east side of Lefkada are romantic fishing villages with intimate harbors and compact beaches. These beaches are most visited by the Greek, that here in the summer day while taking a dip in the sea. The south side has 4 beautiful natural bays, including Poros, Sivota, Amouso and Vassiliki. Along the west coast are the most beautiful beaches of Greece, such as Porto Katsiki, Engremi, Katihsma etc. Each one of them worth visiting.

The capital of Lefkada is also worth a visit. The long shopping street with both traditional and mordern stores runs from the beach to the center. Of course the shops are interspersed with terraces and taverns. The promenade along the harbor allows you to marvel at numerous yachts while sipping drinks and local cuisine. In this city there are 4 large supermarkets as well as several banks and government departments.

Agios Nikitas is a village on the north-west side of Lefkada, is pedestrianized and also giving it a dreamy and picturesque sight of Greek houses with bougainvillea from the main road to the beach. The sea and the hospitality do the rest. Fantastic

Food and drink at Lefkas is a chapter apart. The local products are original flavor that we are already almost forgotten. The known tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions for example seem to be so obvious, but what can they still be good.

The many family taverns prepare the original Greek fish and meat dishes with a herbal composition whole gives a very refined taste. Even on a small island of Lefkada is an interesting wine culture with excellent red and white wines. The winery Lefkadiki-ji has its own museum which is on the route to Villa Sophia, between the villages Poros and Sivota.

On the west side of Nidri are several islands spread that can be visited during a day trip with tourist boats. Mooring in small harbors and villages, as well as experiencing a BBQ on a small idyllic beach are definitely recommended.