From Kuusamo center 3.5 km to southeast, Tolpanniemi-area. Lake Kuusamojärvi 200 m. Public beach 1.2 km for swimming. A house built in 1978 and renovated in 2017. Bedroom 1: double bed, toilet, shower. Bedroom 2: double bed + 1 bed. Room with fireplace: sofabed for 2. Spacious, combined kitchen/living room. Electric sauna. Separate house in Tolpanniemi area, by the lake Kuusamojärvi (200 m). Ski resort Ruka 31 km.

Additional information: washing machine and dryer are together (2 in 1).

Other distances: Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikki -Spa, Angry Birds activity park and Kuusamo Golf 8 km.

Reservations start at 16.00 and end at 12.00 (also in weekend bookings).