330 km north of Rovaniemi, River Muonionjoki 80 m, the current is strong and river is not suitable for swimming or for inexperienced rower. Rowing boat and outboard motor for rent on agreement. The width of the river 110 m, length about 17 km.

Wooden house, built in 1951. Living room with single bed (width 120 cm), upstairs 2 bedrooms, one with 2 bed, other with 2 beds and mattress. Sauna, bathroom / toilet. Electric heating of the house works with radiators. In addition, open fireplace and iron stove in livingroom, wood-burning stove in kitchen, one of upstairs bedroom has a stove. Also air heat pump. Cellar for cool storage of food. Cottage Fishing Camp is an old, but maintained, real Lappish house, location by well-stocked river. On the opposite side of river is Sweden, the border crossing point is in Karesuvanto, 7 km away. Hetta (center of Enontekiö) 60 km.

Neighboring cottage 7924 (distance 40 m).

Fishing: Tornion-Muonionjoki-Könkämäeno 2502. Fishing permits: www.eraluvat.fi, or Karesuvanto souvenir shop, Karesuvanto.

Hunting: Small Game (willow grouse) hunting areas: Hetta-Karesuvanto 1614, Näkkälä 1615 and Käsivarsi 1613 (www.eraluvat.fi).