There are three basic types of these nice, stone bungalows, namely for 4 persons (NL-3781-33), 6 persons (NL-3781-34) and 8 persons (NL-3781-35). These semi-detached accommodations are all furnished in a comfortable way and fitted with all modern amenities. This type of semi-detached bungalow is responsible for the great success of this holiday park. That's because the sound-proof separation wall can be removed. This way you'll get a wonderful group accommodation with for example a double kitchen and a very spacious dining/living space. Depending on the combinations, you can also choose for a 10-person (NL-3781-36), 14-person (NL-3781-37) and 16-person (NL-3781-38) home. Each type features a garden and a terrace with garden furniture.