Rental basis: Entire house or apartment
Number of bedrooms: 1; Number of other rooms with beds: 0
Number of bathrooms: 1

Apartments with Swimming pools and Gym in UdonThani. 1 bedroom living room kitchen and Shower Suite. The apartments have Wifi, Also Balcony. Great location at the Nong prajak park UdonThani. The Apartments have laundry and private Gym for fitness Training . 24 hour Security and private on site parking. Airport pick Free over 5 nights. Airport pick up 190 baht if less than 5 days
Motor bike Hire 99 baht per day. Car Hire 750 baht per day.

Local places to visit 150 meters from the Apartments. Nong prajak park. The park is essentially a couple of islands in a lake in the centre of Udon Thani. It was not a particularly inspiring place, but due to its location and the 3km path around the lake it was a popular recreation spot for locals. The park has recently been transformed with new planting, structures and improved walkways as well as much needed public toilets. Well worth a visit early in the morning or in the late afternoon when it is not too hot. This is a popular location so parking can be difficult when people have finished work and come to the park for some recreation.

Some links for more attractions in UdonThani. Udorn Sunshine Orchid Farm
Udorn Sunshine Orchid Farm is probably the best-known Udon Thani tourist attraction. The flower and plant nursery has many different types of hybrid Vanda orchids (picture above) on display – perfume is on sale at the farm shop. There are also tea-plants which dance to the sound of music and they are a huge video camera draw.

Nong Prajak Park
Anyone who likes walking through beautiful parks will find Nong Prajak Park appealing. The park has a large lake, kids play area and a sea of flowers, plants and trees. Nong Prajak has a jogging and cycle track for keep-fit enthusiasts and there is an evening work-out class next to the lake too. Foot massage booths open in the evenings. The park is an alcohol free zone.

Central Plaza Shopping Mall
Central Plaza is everything and anything but a shopping mall. Designer shops are part of a mélange of restaurants, beauty salons, hi-tech outlets, banks and leisure activities. The mall is a bee hive of retail, business and pleasure. Central Plaza in Udon Thani is a luxury lifestyle shopping experience and should be bold-penciled on everyone’s must do list.

Playport Waterpark
Playport Waterpark opened in October 2012 and is a fun activity park, especially for kids. The waterpark has giant swimming pools – kids depth and adult, with twisting waterslides and tubes. Meals, snacks and drinks are on sale at square deal prices.

Udon Thani Night Markets
UD Town and Centre Point are Udon Thani’s two big city centre night markets. They sit either side of the entrance to Udon Thani train station. UD Town is a modern lifestyle shopping mall with a night market, food court and entertainment beer park. Centre Point is a more traditional style Thai market full of clothes stalls, bric-à-brac, snack stalls and restaurants. Both are buzzing with people every night of the week. UD Town is hugely popular at weekends and special event nights.

Udon Thani has three multi-screen cinemas with a total of 21 movie theatres. Most films are Hollywood produced and dubbed in Thai. Some have English subtitles and a few movies are shown with their original soundtrack and Thai subtitles.

Major Cineplex Central Plaza – On the top floor of the lifestyle mall (8 screens).
Nevada Multiplex – IT Plaza, first floor (6 screens).
SF Cinema City – Top floor of Landmark Plaza (7 screens).
Udon Thani Leisure Activities – Central Plaza
Ten-pin bowling and ice skating are two leisure activities on the top floor of Central Plaza. Equipment can be hired at both and each sells food and refreshments.