Rental basis: Entire house or apartment
Number of bedrooms: 1; Number of other rooms with beds: 1
Number of bathrooms: 1

Fully restored apartment on the first floor of a building in the historical center of Scicli, UNESCO World Heritage Baroque jewel. Place of TV fiction "The Commissioner Montalbano". Free WIFI throughout the house. Digital TV. Kitchen. Oven. Shower. A double bed and a double sofa bed. Balcony with chairs and coffee table. Close to F.M.Penna street, the main street of the historic center, with restaurants, pizzerias, bars, art galleries, churches and historic baroque palaces. Possibility of free parking under the house Parking space available at a surcharge (5 € / night for motorbikes and 10 € / night for sedan cars), if available.

Scicli lies in the south-eastern flaps Scicli offers truly enchanting and completely contrasting landscapes; The old town was built on the hill of San Matteo, and with its towers and castles it served as a fortified city,
Scicli is also a green valley, embellished with olive trees, almond trees and carob trees. In the small Sicilian town of Scicli there is a warm and temperate climate, typically Mediterranean (average temperature 17.2 ° C), with long dry summers and mild winters. The average maximum temperature reaches around 30 ° C in July and August, while in winter it drops to 15 ° C.

The great earthquake of 1693 made about 2000 deaths and almost completely destroyed the inhabited area.

Scicli's economy has always been based mainly on intensive agriculture and the production of greenhouse vegetables,

Scicli has always had a very close connection with its history, so festivals, fairs and religious celebrations always bring with it something of the past, coupled with the creativity of this Sicilian people. In May, Madonna delle Milizie is celebrated, a historical re-enactment, of the battle in 1091, between the Saracen and Norman armies. Clash resolved in favor of the latter, thanks to the intervention of Our Lady on a white horse. .

The celebration includes the Turc's Feast Festival, the typical sweet turquoise, turquoise Arab (filled with pastry cream or sweet cow's ricotta with cinnamon and chocolate). In March, the Cavalcade of St. Joseph takes place, a procession that begins in front of the churchyard of St. Joseph, and proceeds through the city streets lit by great bonfires. The "Sacred Family" is at the head of the procession, made up of horses lined with fragrant violets

The Holiday of the "Uomo vivo" or "Gioia", which is celebrated at Easter, is also very impressive. The wooden statue of Christ (kept in the Church of Santa Maria La Nova) is brought to the procession by the streets of the city throughout the day.

One of the many reasons to visit Scicli is to delight the palate, discovering the typical dishes.
Typical of the Christmas period are the "Mpanate" and the "Pastizza", large bread rolls of rice or pasta, potatoes, breadcrumbs and meat (in the case of "mpanate"), vegetables (in the case of "pasta" );
Scicli is often compared to a living crib, and it is precisely for this beauty, in Baroque style, which in 2002 was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Sicilian city is well-known for making the episodes of TV fiction "Il Commissario Montalbano"

Scicli with its small houses and narrow streets, it is presented as one of the "baroque pearls of Val di Noto", an invaluable heritage of art and architecture. The atmosphere, almost perfect all year long, Sicilian cuisine full of tasty and genuine dishes, the shops where to lose, the proximity to the sea, make a memorable visit to Sicily.
We offer free Wifi during your stay!