Rental basis: Entire house or apartment
Number of bedrooms: 2; Number of other rooms with beds: 1
Number of bathrooms: 1

It Is A Quiet And Idel Place if you like the good weather and the beach, relax, walk, practice sports, read, ... It is more suitable for family life than for nightlife, although there are also areas for it if you like .

Life in the center of town is very natural, since tourists live with real life of the people who live there, since it is also the first fishing fleet of all the towns of the Spanish Mediterranean. You can buy fish fresh from the sea around 7:00 pm by the port.

There are many beautiful villages in Alicante and natural surroundings that we describe below and it is worth not to miss.

At 5 o'clock in the morning, even without light, you can peer out onto the terrace or window and listen to the boats and see their lights when they go fishing on the high seas.

** To the north: Airport, Alicante, Sanjuan, El Campello, Canalobre caves,
Benidorm, Guadalest, Altea, Calpe,...

** To the south: La Marina, Guardamar del Segura, Torrevieja, Murcia,...

******various Extra Fee Charge Services And Conditions*****************

--final Cleaning is always included in the price for a week stay or longer. If less, you should pay a fee of 40€ to add to the price.

--airport Transfer. We offer you the possibility of a taxi waiting for you Airport to Apartment / Apartment to Airport / or both.
To be paied directly to the driver, not to us.

--airport Shuttel is possible by buses from the town, but it isn't included in our proper services.


-- Very bright. Sun all day, since it faces south.
-- Great terrace 12sqm sea view and Isla de Tabarca 180º.
-- Sea view from main room.
-- Second terrace side mountain with gardens, barbecues and always shade.
Ideal for breakfast because of its freshness.
-- With having doors and windows north and south, and being an area wher the
air almost always runs, it is almost always cool. Even some nights a bed sheet
is needed.
-- For 6 adults or 6 adults and some small children.

Apartment Services:

-- Pool with sea and mountain views.
-- Open all year round for 24 hours.
-- Parking.
-- Ventiladores of ceiling in rooms.
-- Radiators electrical.
-- Folding folding protective cover for children and babies in the small room.
-- Miscellaneous such as microwave, toaster, orange juicer, flat and table,
analogue scale.
-- Beach chairs, umbrella and inflatable mattress.
-- Tv channels Dtt with high definition tuner. -- Dvd.


-- Playas with blue flag of the European Union.
-- Rent of sunbeds and umbrellas.
-- Rescue stations and red cross stands.
-- Plays of sand, sand and stone and only of stone.
-- Plays of small waves for children (if the weather is calm) and big waves about
6 km "Playa del Carabasí", where there are windsurfing, kayak, board, board
with kite, kite, high speed worm, ...

Services Of The Area:

-- Airport to 8 Km.
-- Restaurants, shops, bars, chiringuitos ...
-- Commercial centers: Mercadona, Erosky, Day and multitude of other smaller
ones. Cinemas, etc.
-- Hospitals and many large shopping centers and services to 12 and 15 km in
Elche and Alicante.
-- Bicycle rental.


-- Buses and taxis.


-- Airport "el Altet" of Alicante to 8 km (taxi about 35 €).
-- Train Ave to 15 km in Alicante. (taxi about 40 €).
-- Handle from Sta. Pola.

For Children:

-- Parque attractions "pola-park", "aquapark", "safary".


-- Typically Mediterranean Southern Californian.
-- Between 29º to 33º degrees in the middle of summer, while about 36º to 38º
in the center of Spain. Lightly windy almost always.
-- Ideal for winter. It is soft and don't need using coat several days. Much
appreciated by North Europeans.
-- It almost never rains and it's always sunny." In case of rain, it is usually
-- Temperature of the water in summer of about 26º. In winter about 19º.


-- Bicycle soft or strong mountain in the part of the top..
-- Skating.
-- Walking and relaxing.
-- Sports in general and aquatic.
-- Reading.
-- Etc., etc., etc.

An Important And Big List Of Places Of Interest Nearby:

Really the place is nice, we recommend visit:

-- Front in the sea, the Island of Tabarca. "must visit".
* It is a natural maritime reserve of clean and crystal clear waters. The
right half is a small typical village Mediterranean without cars or hustle
and bustle with sand and stone beach with sunbeds and parasols for
* The left half is a reserve where you can not build and where you will
find the old castle, lighthouse and cemetery.
Stone coves with crystalline waters. Don't forget left part until
* Typical gastronomy required: "Cauldron of fish with paella", "Caldero of
Tabarca” in the first restaurant you can see at left when leave the ship
and arrive to the beach. If not, another in the interior of the village, but
not the others three where the first is. (Maybe not opened in autumn
nor winter, but yes anothers in the village).

-- The fishing port, one of the two or three more important of all Spanish
Mediterranean coast.

-- Nautical port.

-- In Alicante City at 15 Km, you can go (is better at night) to see an exact copy of
the original is deep on the sea) of what was the biggest army ship in the world
aprox. 250 years before. When Spain was important in the world. It is really big
and really impress you when you are inside, all wood, looking their masts,
strings,… It is at the end of the Alicante nautical port. Its name is “Santísima
Trinidad”. You can take a beer inside.

-- Elche Palmeral (palm trees). It is a big park. Even this, if you put the palms
inside the park and add them to the palms in the rest of Elche, it is the area
with the most palms in all Europe.

-- Carabasí beach 5 Km from there by car close the beach road (not interior
road). Is a natural beach and environment with sand dunes, reeds, pines,… If
from the window you can see the air and waves in the sea from the left to the
right, is a good day for big waves to play with children in the water (Levante
wind). If goes from the right to the left (Leveche wind), there won’ t be waves.
From there, at right if you look in the water sense, you can see at the top the
lighthouse and maybe people paragliding.

-- The lighthouse use for ships at the night in the top of the mountain. You can
go walking from the top of the mountain our apartment is or by car from Sta.
Pola village. The views from the high top (alicante, beaches, pine forest,
Tabarca, Kms of Coast,…) are really nice. From there they practice paragliding
from time to time when,...

-- El Fondo Natural Park at 5 Km from there more or less to the left from the
middle of Elche Road. Only by car and there is not an official entrance, only
some Km. by car. Very important in the soon morning because of the sun light
from Elche Road to Dolores village).

-- Salinas Park. "las Salinas" where flamencos live. 3 Km from Sta. Pola. No official
entrance either. When leave Sta. Pola in La Marina Road. Is better at 20:00
when orange sun light is more beautifull.

-- Guadalest at more or less 45 Km from Sta. Pola. Beautifull willage and castle. To
see with the day light. At night died.

-- Altea. To see opposite hour than Guadalest, the life starts at afternoon or
evening to the night. You have to see the top of the old village. Is a beautiful
white village. Good restaurants opened to the sky, jewelry natural shops (more
stone than Gold),… More or less so far a Guadalest, but in the coast.

-- Canalobre caves near Campello at more or less 30 Km. from Sta. Pola in the
way to Guadalest more or less.

-- Just in front apartment windows on the bottom close to the beaches, Beach
walking until “la cadena”.

--street market on Saturday near Elche road with the fruit part,… (Mondays too,
but without fruit that is the most attractive).

We hope you like it and decide coming to Sta. Pola. If you had more questions, please, ask us again.

Waiting your news we wish you best regards,

José Miguel & Gema