It offers you days off, while enjoying the beautiful landscape of the Douro Valley.

It is not a panorama that the eyes contemplate: it is an excess of nature, terraces that pass the titanic men to climb the slopes, volumes, colors and modulations that no sculptor, painter or musician can translate, horizons dilated beyond the plausible thresholds of vision.
A virginal universe, as if it had just been born, and already eternal for the harmony, for the serenity, for the silence that even the river does not dare to break, or to sneak behind the hills, now astonished in the background to reflect his own astonishment, a geological poem, absolute beauty.

The house has a panoramic view, a terrace, TV and Internet and it is equipped with bed linen and bath, as well as all appliances. It is the perfect retreat to rest and relax.
The house is close to Amarante water park, Bracalândia to Penafiel and Caldas de Aregos spa.
We offer a welcome basket with: milk honey butter red fruit stewed bread capsules of coffee for bottled water nexpresso machine.

The house has two bedrooms living room bathroom with shower kitchen and terrace for outdoor dining and sunbathing.
Near the house there are restaurants with full menus for six euros: daily dish with meat or fish soup
drink bread dessert coffee.