Amenities included: Wifi, iPhone, Welcome Pack, Toiletries, Area Tips, Cleaning, Fridge Filling Service, Coffee Maker, 24/7 Support.

It is a three bedroom two bathroom home in Tribeca. This smart home reflects the vibrant atmosphere of the neighborhood. You enter the open-plan living room - which has wide windows (each with a striking view of the city) and wooden floors and shiny furniture.

At one end is the refined lounge, which leads to a dining room. Then there is the kitchen, with its slate gray countertops and matching credenzas.

Then, heading to the floor, you will arrive in the rooms. On the left side of the hallway is the second bedroom, which adjoins the tiled marble bathroom.

And on the right is the master bedroom. It is a particularly elegant room with an arched window and a sumptuous room. Above, at the top of the floating glass staircase, is the striking third room with a curved glass wall designed by the architect. From there, the windows open onto the terrace overlooking the rooftops from the city .: