Rental basis: Entire house or apartment
Number of bedrooms: 1; Number of other rooms with beds: 0
Number of bathrooms: 1

We have 8 apartments of 30sqm where we can accommodate 1 / 2persone in a double room and 4thly using the sofa bed.

The 80 sqm apartments are 4 and have 3 double rooms for which 2/4/6 / pax and possibly also here sofa bed available for another 2 pax.
As for the restaurant, we are always open lunch and dinner we offer breakfast included in the living room,
We also have a small recreational room adjacent to the garden where there is also a free use washing machine, a swimming pool for the exclusive use of the lodgings and free parking.
If you are interested in taking into account for possible collaboration, we would like to show you the structure to make you aware of the quality of the accommodations, our version of farm produce with products from the best farms, while the surrounding area already I believe you know it well .