Good taste can’t be bought, but it can be borrowed - in this chic Notting Hill apartment, located in an area full of great cafés, restaurants and bars. Absolutely perfect for your modern city break, this apartment will provide all the perks you’ll ever want.

This host’s home shows off his eye for elegance beneath high ceilings and contemporary white walls. The enchanting home's best feature is its lovely designed, open-plan living area - which includes a kitchen, a bright and cozy sitting area, and a lovely dining area for two - each modern with furnishings in light and neutral shades.

Next you will meet the bedroom, and immediately fall in love because of the way its tall window lets in all the light as well as glimpses of the street below, which in combination with white, subtle décor, makes a perfect place to truly relax and refresh. A true serenity in the middle of the city.