The loft is bright, having windows on all four sides, which makes it merry and ambient. Another great thing about this device is that it's just a moment away from the heart of the city, but it's an attic an attic on the top floor which makes it incredibly quiet as well.

In addition, in silence, you can enjoy views of the Brunelleschi dome from the north facing window, the Fiesole hills of one facing east, San Miniato and Forte Belvedere from the window south facing and the Palazzo Vecchio from one side to the west.

The apartment has all that is needed. At the bottom there is a very beautiful
and spacious living room with a view, to entertain your guests, or just read a book.
It is an open space, so the share of the living area area, with the dining room and the kitchen well, all harmoniously combined and mixed in a beautiful unique atmosphere, with a ceiling height of 6m above.

There is the Florentine terracotta pavement, and some very beautiful old wooden beams on the ceiling. Going up the stairs you will find the room bathroom, with comfortable shower and a new washing machine as well.

On the attic there is a beautiful and comfortable double bed, with two small tables and reading tables on the side. It is extremely bright as well and the white wood floor gives it a very nice modern touch.

In the bedroom there is a wardrobe space reed very well located. On this note, I must say that the house is extremely convenient, and does not suffer at all from the lack of space, or lack of storage at all, which makes it very pleasant.

Even the kitchen is fully equipped, with a cutting area on the other side of the stove, dishwasher and at the very useful as well. For warm periods, there is a fully functional A / C system, and for colder periods, even under the roof, the heating system is perfectly places I know you will not suffer at all from the cold.