We are establishing agreements with companies which make it possible to obtain a discount on service charges as well as personalised monitoring of their collaborator's trips.

All companies wish to limit their collaborators' travelling expenses. MagicStay.com shall contribute to the significant decrease of travelling expenses by giving the collaborators access to higher levels of comfort and in close proximity to the business. This proximity brings with it a decrease in the transfer expenses (taxis, car rentals, etc. ) and lost time.

With MagicStay.com the collaborators can carry out their reservations online with the profile previously defined by the company management. Thus, each collaborator receives an access number which allows them to reserve accommodations with a spending limit per night or a category of accommodation.


1/ Company agreement

2/ The company benefits from the reduced service charges and the monitoring its collaborators movements.

3/ The company provides us with a list of collaborators with a spending limit per collaborator or per occupation.

4/ We will give each collaborators the individual client number

5/ The collaborator reserves his accommodation online

6/ The company receives a periodic statement of reservations per collaborator.

Contact us: corporate@magicstay.com