How much will an advertisement cost me?

You can place an advertisement on for free, only options are charged.


Who will translate my advertisement?

The website has global visibility and is currently available in 5 languages: French, English, German, Italian and Spanish. Other languages are in the process of development. It is better to translate your advertisement in the different languages yourself. However, if you cannot do this, we will use the best automated translation.


Are the invitations to tender charged?

The invitations to tender are addressed to a maximum of 4 service providers. If you are in the invitations to tender, you have a very real chance of success. If you decide to respond to it, you must buy it (according to the extent of the invitation to tender, from € 50 to € 300 excluding tax) and you promise to pay us a commission if you win it. Subsequently, the client will be invited to rate your service.


And what if I only work on Düsseldorf?

Upon registration, you will provide us with the countries and cities where you can intervene. You will only appear in the selected cities.


How can I draw the client's attention?

Your presentation is essential, as well as the quality of the photos that you will present. Please feel free to provide references and to personalise your presentation in the different cities. One client wanting to organise an event in Cannes will prioritise companies which have shown their achievements in Cannes. The scores that you will obtain will also be essential; it will allow you to rise in the list of service providers. You also have the possibility of updating your advertisement up to once a day, which will also allow you to rise in the lists.

Certain options will also allow you to increase you visibility: the Premium or One advertisements. You also have the possibility of opting for an automatic update of your advertisement.