How to earn and use points / discount codes sponsorship?

As a business traveler, you can invite your traveling colleagues or friends into registering on MagicStay to book apartments.

This way, you can benefit from discounts on your next booking as well as offering discounts to your colleagues and friends.

You can simply enter the email address of your colleague / friend on the form: Login / Register

You can enter up to 5 contacts.

Your friend / colleague will receive an email offering to register, and as soon as he / she is registered he / she will receive a discount code of 20 € for his / her first booking experience.

When one of your sponsors makes their first reservation, you will receive an email containing a discount code of 20 € to use for future bookings. This code will be valid for one year, begining on the date the messsage was sent. Codes can only be used once and can not be used at the same time.

To use your discount code, simply enter the code when booking, in the payment section in the Discount Code tab. The discount will apply automatically.