MagicStay, the first platform of accommodation designed for business travelers, offers you to discover our tips to make a success of your next business trip. Our team, expert of current issues of business travel, share with you tips that will ensure you a business trip 100% successful!


Organize your professional journey ahead!

To attend a seminar, a trade show or during a business trip organized by your company, we advise you to plan your trip. We strongly encourage you to take the lead!

You know the place where the event will be held? So start looking for accommodation close to the event (or in some cases it is also convenient to have a place close to the airport). Locate apart-hotels, quality accommodation near the fair, that we offer worldwide and often cheaper than booking at the hotel.

Also, if you plan your business trip in advance, it will be possible for you to know the equipment that will be needed (wifi service, e-concierge, etc.) and select only those apartments equipped with what you need.

We help you through your booking thanks to our rating from one to five stars, according to objective standards of comfort and equipment. 


Travel and business: prepare and check your luggage and documents 

For your business trips, as well as any other trip, it is essential to check:

-       the validity of your passport / identity card

-       If it is necessary to have a visa

-       To have an easily accessible copy of your identity document or airline tickets in case of loss or theft

Regarding the preparation of your suitcase, you must keep in mind that you can not bring your entire wardrobe and concentrate on the most important. For example, do not forget items such as toiletries (adapted to air transport) or electronic cables and equipment (adapters, cell phone chargers) needed. Also try to include an outfit for tourism or for a party, because it is likely that during your business trip you will not always wear your dress or suit!


Learn about the culture of the countries where you go on business trips 


Finally, if your business trip offers you the opportunity to go to a foreign country, it is important to learn about the culture. This will not only help in relations with employees on site, but also in preparing your presentation.

Ask about local customs, gesture, greeting and dress codes of the country.

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