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Accommodation in Bilbao: short-term rentals for business travelers

If Bilbao is not the capital of the Spanish Basque Country, it is its first city in terms of population. 

Many business travelers are attracted by Bilbao thanks to its economic appeal.

There is an airport in Bilbao: the Loiu International Airport.

Bilbao is divided in 8 districts such as: Deusto, Uribarri, Otxarkoaga-Txurdinaga, Begoña, Ibaiondo, Abando, Rekalde, Basurtu-Zorrotza.

Bilbao Aires is famous for its landmarks such as the Cathedral of Santiago, Chavarri Palace and its Guggenheim museum.

Find the perfect accommodation (apartment, villa or serviced apartment) in Bilbao for your next business trip.


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  • - Spanish Biennial of Machine Tool
    Bilbao Exhibition Center – 25 to 29 May 20
  • - International Conference on Industrial Dimensional Metrology
    Bilbao Exhibition Center – April 2020 / (Dates not specified)
  • - Exhibition Conference and Networking
    Bilbao Exhibition Center – February 2020 / (Dates not specified)
  • -  International Tourism Exhibition
    Bilbao Exhibition Center – May 2020 / (Dates not specified)
  • - Salón del Ocio, Servicios y Actividades para los Mayores
    Bilbao Exhibition Center – October 2019 / (Dates not specified)
  • Bilbao Exhibition Center – February 2020 / (Dates not specified)