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Why choose a short term rental in Rotterdam?

Choosing a short term rental in Rotterdam is the best solution to enjoy the beauties of the city in peace and quiet. This type of furnished rental is particularly recommended for business travelers, your apartment is already ready to use and you will be able to settle in simply and quickly. With a short term rental, you will have at your disposal all the typical advantages of a hotel (cleaning, linen, TV equipment, Wifi, meals etc...) while enjoying great privacy, something that is sometimes difficult to find in a classic hotel.
The aparthotel in Rotterdam is similar to a furnished apartment, with the service of a hotel, which is more convivial and more pleasant to share if you are several to travel. If you are a sales team on the move for example, you can share the lounge for your meetings, debriefings or to relax.
These short-term rentals in Rotterdam are often located in strategic areas (near transport or business centres) to ensure proximity to your workplace.

What are the advantages of MagicStay for your short term rental in Rotterdam or your apart-hotel in Rotterdam?

MagicStay offers a selection of flats in Rotterdam. If you are on a business trip looking for a furnished rentals in Rotterdam for a relatively short period of time, our short term rental in Rotterdam offer is for you. You can rent a flat in Rotterdam for single people but also for small groups.
The MagicStay selection is specially designed to suit every type of trip. If you would like to stay in the heart of Rotterdam to enjoy all the charms of the city, short term rental in Rotterdam are for you.
Simply segment your search from short term rental in Rotterdam thanks to our filter system (number of stars, rooms, beds... ) or by walking directly on the corresponding map. You can also select apart-hotels in Rotterdam.