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Opt for a holiday apartment in New York to enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable business stay or holidays! Choosing to stay in a studio, furnished apartment, villa or in aparthotel New York when travelling on business has many advantages. These ready-to-use, independent, economical, secure and well-equipped accommodation will allow you to combine work and relaxation after an intense day of business meetings. Ideally located in city centre of New York, you will be able to take advantage of it to discover all the centres of interest and why not extend your business trip with a bleisure stay. Moreover, if you are looking for accommodation for a long period of time, the furnished apartments in New York will undoubtedly be the most suitable accommodation. Whether it's a holiday rental New York or a holiday apartments New York you'll find all the offers available on MagicStay New York.

What to do in New York for a weekend or holiday

New York is an exciting city. Spending a few nights, or a few weeks, here will be a real pleasure. Where to dine, where to sleep, what to do? We suggest you discover our article on New York: What to do during a stay in New York?

Holiday apartment in New York

New York attracts tourists and business travellers throughout the year. However, during certain unmissable events, the hotel offer can become saturated. As accommodation capacity is limited, there are not enough hotels to accommodate all visitors, or exceed the budget set by your company's travel policy. So, to find accommodation during your business trip, it is preferable to turn to an alternative accommodation offer, such as the short term rental New York. Furnished apartments, apart-hotels, furnished studios, houses, villas or serviced apartments, have many advantages that are increasingly appealing to professionals, whether for stays of a few nights or several months. Whether you are an executive on professional mobility, a consultant on a long mission, training at headquarters, on professional secondment, expatriation or impatriation, it doesn't matter, if the hotel is not adapted to this type of long stay, furnished rental New York is quite suitable.
Find the short term lets New York that matches your criteria on MagicStay.

Why choose an holiday apartment in New York ?

Booking an accommodation in furnished apartment in New York during his business trip seduces more and more professionals. Thanks to the numerous facilities they have at their disposal and the services they offer, they are perfectly adapted to this type of clientele. Each furnished flat in New York and each aparthotel in New York listed on MagicStay meets the needs and criteria of business travellers. Before leaving, discover our 10 tips for business travellers for a serene and successful stay.

Booking a furnished rental at New York is cheaper than a hotel

.Managing the cost of accommodation is always a real headache when organizing business trips. The sometimes very high cost of the hotel often tends to exceed the budget set for accommodation in the corporate travel policy. By opting for the furnished rental of a furnished studio, furnished apartment or villa, or an aparthotel in New York, you will make an average saving of 40% compared to the price of a hotel room of the same category, and this for more than double the surface area. Choosing a short term letting New York is to make sure you save money.

Furnished rental: the ideal accommodation for business travellers

The offer of furnished apartments, apart-hotels, furnished studios, houses and villas available on MagicStay is very suitable for business stays. Business travellers, regularly on the move for short or long assignments, need to be accommodated as comfortably as possible and have all the necessary facilities for a smooth stay. In addition to offering larger surface areas, the serviced apartment New York and vacation rental New York offered on MagicStay provide a level of comfort and equipment that meets the expectations of professionals, such as the provision of an office, wi-fi, printer, etc.

Staying in a furnished rental or apart-hotel in New York to feel safe

The New York accommodation available on MagicStay is professionally managed. Whether it be estate agencies, concierge services or apart-hotels, you will be accompanied by these professionals throughout your stay. You will also have a assistance 24/7, available in English and French, if needed. Our teams will be available to assist you during check-in if necessary.

Choose an apart-hotel New York or rent a flat in New York for confidentiality

.Choosing a furnished rental during your stay in New York is also opting for more confidentiality. Staying in a furnished apartment or apart-hotel in New York allows you to enjoy greater privacy, which is sometimes difficult when staying in a hotel. Thanks to furnished rental, you will feel freer and will not risk running into a client or a competitor in the corridors! You will thus be able to live like a New York inhabitant.

The independent kitchen: the strong point of the furnished rentals in New York

All accommodation: furnished studio, apart-hotel, house, villa or furnished apartment available on MagicStay have an independent equipped kitchen. A very important criterion to gain autonomy and feel at home. You will thus be completely independent and will not have to go out after a long working day for dinner or depend on room service hours. Not to mention that you will no longer have to meet anyone at the breakfast table or for dinner in the hotel restaurant!

Find a furnished apartment in New York to be well located in town

Turning to furnished rental when travelling on business in New York is making sure you don't spend hours in transport or traffic jams. Indeed, these accommodations are usually ideally located in strategic areas. Whether they are located in the city centre, close to transport, the city's business centres or the exhibition centres, you will be able to get to all your business meetings quickly and also take advantage of the opportunity to discover the city.

Book a short term furnished rental at New York to strengthen team cohesion

.In the context of a trip with several people, staying in a furnished apartment, apart-hotel, house or villa will allow you to save money on your accommodation budget. Moreover, these types of accommodation, thanks to their large surface areas, can be shared by a team. If each person has a room to preserve their privacy, you can meet up with colleagues in the living room to prepare a meeting, a trade show, a meeting, debrief the day or simply to share a drink or a meal together. All of which will make your business trip more convivial and strengthen team cohesion. It is also an excellent way to remedy isolation during a business trip.

Logging in New York in a furnished apartment or apart-hotel for the quality of services

.Managed by professionals, the holiday apartments available on MagicStay have quality services, as if you were in a hotel. Depending on your criteria, you will find the furnished rental in New York that best suits your needs. In any case, all these accommodations are ready to use. As soon as you arrive, you will find the beds made, impeccable cleaning and impeccable hygiene for a quality stay in complete peace of mind.

Finding a furnished apartment in New York for a long stay

Whether you are an executive on a professional mobility, a consultant on a long mission, a consultant on a training course at headquarters, on professional secondment, expatriation or impatriation, it doesn't matter, if the hotel is not suitable for this type of long stay, furnished rentals are. Confidentiality, privacy, security, prices adapted to corporate travel policies, quality equipment, private kitchen, spacious accommodation, privileged location, services available as in a hotel: furnished rentals include all the essential criteria to feel at home during a long term assignment. In the context of an expatriation to New York, MagicStay provides you with temporary accommodation until you find your permanent home. This is the best way to get your bearings in this new city and have time to decide in which area you would like to live afterwards. To help you in your search for a furnished apartment in New York, do not hesitate to call on a relocation agency. Are you planning to move to New York for several months? The mobility lease, will be perfectly adapted for this type of long stays, think about it!

Book a furnished rental in New York to practice the bleisure

Opt for a studio, a furnished apartment, a house, a villa or an apart-hotel in New York for more independence, privacy, space, a reasonable price and an ideal location? These are prime arguments for extending your stay and practice the bleisure ! Choosing accommodation in furnished rental in New York will allow you to optimize and/or extend your business trip. It is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of it to discover the city's riches, the places not to be missed, the museums to visit, the activities to do, the good restaurants to try, etc. between two business meetings, for a weekend or for holidays!Think about booking your furnished rental in New York or your apart-hotel in New York to benefit from a wider choice!

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