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Learn more about furnished rentals in Toulouse

Book a furnished rental in Toulouse, the pink city.

Pastel architecture, singing accent, gourmet gastronomy, discover all the richness of Toulouse during your professional stay. Book a short term rental accommodation in Toulouse, or an apart-hotel in Toulouse. Our houses, studios, furnished apartments are well located, perfectly equipped and secure, they will allow you to juggle between business meetings and discovery of the pink city. As attractive economically as it is culturally, Toulouse has everything to please business travellers who will undoubtedly want to extend their stay. There is nothing like a furnished rental accommodation in Toulouse to make you feel at home in this friendly city!

Accommodation in Toulouse, a dynamic and warm city.

Capital of Occitania, Toulouse is the 4th largest city in France in terms of population. It is nicknamed the pink city for its typical southern architecture which mainly uses terracotta brick for its buildings. Labelled "City of Art and History" in 2019, it offers its inhabitants and visitors a diverse cultural heritage, both through its architectural remains and its many museums, as well as through its gastronomy emblematic of the south-west, not forgetting the rugby culture, inseparable from the region. This is an opportunity for professional rugby enthusiasts passing through Toulouse to see the Stade Toulousain play!

In addition to its picturesque pink facades, Toulouse has established itself economically as the aeronautics and space industry capital of Europe, thanks to the Airbus group which is based there. Many travellers are looking for an apart-hotel in Toulouse close to the Airbus headquarters. A sector that generates employment for the city, and more broadly for the whole Toulouse region, and which also attracts students in large numbers. Three times named "France's most dynamic city" by several press titles over the last decade, Toulouse is a particularly attractive city for professionals. As the heart of the aerospace industry in France and even in Europe, Toulouse attracts many professionals who travel there.

Passing through Toulouse for a short mission or the time of a long mission? We have selected for you quality furnished rentals close to the major business centres and centres of interest in the city.

The interest of choosing a furnished apartment in Toulouse during your business trip.

Ideally located in the city center, close to business centers or exhibition centers, opting for short term furnished rentals in Toulouse, in a Toulouse apart-hotel, studio, furnished apartment, house or villa, is to make sure you don't spend your time in traffic jams or transportation. Very well equipped, these furnished accommodations are the perfect compromise to combine work and relaxation. Generally more spacious than a hotel room, for an average cost 40% less than that of a hotel room of the same category, you will benefit from more than double the surface area. If you are going away in a group or wish to share your accommodation with other employees, the furnished apartment for short term rental in Toulouse is the ideal accommodation to overcome isolation during a business trip.

On the other hand, if you wish to extend your stay for a blue weekend, the furnished rental in Toulouse is also perfectly adapted. All the accommodation, apart-hotels, furnished apartments, studios, villas, etc. offered by MagicStay have a fully equipped kitchen allowing you to be autonomous and independent. This is also an important criterion in the context of a long mission, secondment or expatriation. Whether you are looking for accommodation in Toulouse for a few days or looking for a temporary furnished apartment for a few months, the furnished rentals available on MagicStay are suitable for all types of stays. If you are planning to settle down for a longer period of time, also think about the mobility lease: we give you all the details about this rather special rental contract.

Looking for a furnished rental in Toulouse or anywhere in the world? MagicStay will help you find the short term rental in Toulouse that best suits your criteria.

Short term furnished rentals in Toulouse to attend major events and trade shows.

Throughout the year, trade shows, congresses and events organized in Toulouse attract professionals in large numbers. Among them, we can mention in particular

- ART3F Toulouse, international contemporary art fair of the city of Toulouse, in February at the Toulouse Exhibition Centre
- International Fair of Toulouse, every year in April at the Toulouse Exhibition Centre
- Real Estate Fair - Toulouse - Midi-Pyrénées, in October at the Toulouse Exhibition Centre
- Creative Trends - Toulouse, exhibition dedicated to creative leisure activities, every year in October at the Toulouse Exhibition Centre
- Siane, a trade fair dedicated to industry partners from the South of France, in October at the Toulouse Exhibition Centre.
- Toulouse Space Show, an international gathering dedicated to space applications, takes place every two years in June at the Pierre Baudis Convention Centre.
- M2S - Mobility solutions show, exhibition dedicated to innovations in urban and peri-urban mobility, every 2 years in November at MEETT - Parc des Expositions et Centre de Conventions
- Toulouse Motor Show, every 2 years, in November at the Toulouse Exhibition Centre.
- Future intelligence, exhibition dedicated to innovations in artificial intelligence and data for the benefit of humans in various fields, every 2 years in November at the MEETT - Parc des Expositions et Centre de Conventions.
- Aeromart Toulouse, international convention dedicated to the aeronautics industry, every 2 years in December at the Toulouse Exhibition Centre.

Stay in a furnished apartment to discover Toulouse.

Capital of conviviality with its singing accent and generous gastronomy, the Pink City is not lacking in centres of interest. Here is a selection to keep you busy during your stay in Toulouse.

Book your apart-hotel in Toulouse near the Place du Capitole.

The Place du Capitale is one of the city's emblems and is a must-see place. On this huge 12,000 m2 pedestrian square located in the historic centre of the Pink City, you can admire the superb brick facades, the famous Occitan Cross on the ground, symbol of Toulouse, but also the Capitole of course, a building built in 1190, which houses the theatre and the town hall.

Lodging in Toulouse near the quays of the Garonne.

Want to recharge your batteries and get some fresh air between two business meetings? Head for the banks of the Garonne from where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the city, including the charming Pont-Neuf or the impressive dome of the Grave. Take the time to sit down for a moment and relax...

Find his furnished apartment in Toulouse next to the Musée des Augustins.

The Musée des Augustins is none other than the Toulouse Museum of Fine Arts. Opened in 1795, it gathers an impressive collection of sculptures and paintings from the 14th to the 19th century. Among the 4000 pieces to be discovered, you can admire, among others, works by Manet, Ingres, Delacroix or Toulouse-Lautrec.

Stay in Toulouse near the Natural History Museum and relax in the plant garden.

After the one in Paris, the Natural History Museum in Toulouse is the largest in France. On 6000m2, 2.5 million exhibits are on display. Lovers of fauna and flora, you will continue your visit by entering the plant garden in which it is located, which extends over 7 hectares and is the green lung of the city. Ideal for an impromptu picnic, jogging or simply resting.

Book your furnished accommodation near the Cité de l'Espace.

About 20 minutes by car from Toulouse, you can embark on a journey... into space! The Cité de l'Espace offers you the opportunity to take part in the conquest of space through interactive and fun exhibitions covering 2500m2. If entering the Mir station, boarding the Soyuz capsule, walking on the moon, discovering the Ariane rocket in its life-size version has always made you dream, go for it, the Cité de l'Espace is made for you!

On a business trip to Toulouse and visit the Saint-Sernin Basilica.

This superb 11th century basilica made of pink bricks is one of the largest Romanesque buildings in the West and has, of course, been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998. Inside, you will discover a crypt in which many relics are stored, including those of the 3rd century bishop, Saint-Sernin, who gave his name to the basilica.

Visit the Jacobin convent.

Another beautiful Gothic building built in pink bricks! Erected from the 13th to the 14th century, the convent houses the Jacobins church and its sumptuous palm tree vault, superb chapels, a peaceful cloister but also relics of Saint-Thomas Aquinas, a famous 13th century philosopher and theologian.

Escape along the Canal du Midi...

Another unmissable symbol of the city, which should not be missed under any circumstances when visiting Toulouse. This navigation canal linking the Pink City to the Mediterranean, built in the 17th century, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996. This canal, one of the oldest in Europe, is a refuge for nature lovers who come to walk or cycle along the water's edge, but to discover it, there's nothing like a cruise on board a barge!

...And boarding aboard the Maison de la Violette.

Emblem of the city, the violet, is THE flower of Toulouse. The Maison de la Violette has dedicated an entire barge to the Toulouse violet and offers an exhibition to discover its history, tea on its terrace and a shop to buy products around the violet, including some sweet delicacies!

Taste a speciality from the South-West.

If Toulouse is famous for its conviviality, it is not only for its rugby matches, it is also for its local gastronomy with its generous dishes. Of course, it is impossible to overlook the famous Toulouse sausage, certified by a Label Rouge, which you can taste in the unmissable cassoulet! If you still have room, opt for foie gras, produced locally, as a starter, and the Fénétra for dessert, the regional apricot, lemon and almond tart. Enjoy your meal!

Find your short-term furnished rental accommodation in Toulouse for your next business trip.

The largest city in the South West of France, Toulouse is the historic capital of Languedoc, and the capital of the Occitan region.

At the heart of the economy of the South-West, Toulouse is served by a large train station (Toulouse-Matabiau) and a few secondary stations. However, due to its geography, it is transport that is most often favoured by travellers landing at Toulouse-Blagnac airport.

The city is divided into 22 districts: Capitole - Arnaud Bernard - Carmes, Amidonniers - Compans-Caffarelli, Les Chalets/Bayard/Belfort - St-Aubin/Dupuy, Saint-Cyprien, Croix de Pierre - Route d'Espagne, Fontaine Lestang - Bagatelle - Papus - Tabar - Bordelongue, Fontaine Bayonne - Cartoucherie, Minimes - Barrière-de-Paris - La Salade - La Vache, Sept Deniers - Ginestous, Lalande - Grand Selve, Les Izards-Trois Cocus - Border Rouge - Croix-Daurade - Paleficat, Bonnefoy - La Roseraie - Gramont, Jolimont - Soupetard - Bonhoure, Côte Pavée - L'Hers - La Terrasse, Pont des Demoiselles - Montaudran - La Terrasse, Rangueil - Sauzelong - Pech-David - Pouvourville, Saint-Michel - Le Busca - Empalot - Saint Agne, Roman Arena - Saint-Martin-du-Touch, Lardenne - Les Pradettes - Basso Cambo, Mirail - Reynerie - Bellefontaine, Saint-Simon, Lafourguette. The neighbouring town of Toulouse, Blagnac, also attracts many visitors.

The Pink City is also very famous for its gastronomy (cassoulet, duck) and for its touristic places: Place du Capitole, Cité de l'Espace, Pont-Neuf...

Find the ideal furnished rental in Toulouse for your next business trip : apartment, studio or villa...

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