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Learn more about furnished rentals in Bordeaux

Short term rental in Bordeaux: the sleeping beauty...

Renowned worldwide for its vineyards, Bordeaux is a dynamic city both economically and culturally. Situated in the South West of France, it is an ideal holiday destination for business travellers who come here for the major business meetings that are organised there every year and who also wish to take advantage of the opportunity to recharge their batteries. Whether you are passing through for a long or a short term assignment, to enjoy Bordeaux and discover its countless treasures, there is nothing better than opting for short-term rental in Bordeaux or in an apart-hotel or a furnished apartment.

Rent a furnished apartment in Bordeaux, a multi-faceted city.

Capital of the Aquitaine region, Bordeaux has always been an economically dynamic city, thanks in particular to its seaport. With its multiple and dense transport network, it welcomes travellers from all over the world.

The world capital of wine, Bordeaux has an international reputation for its wine-producing activity thanks to its famous terroirs and appellations such as Saint-Émilion and Pomerol, among others. A gastronomic heritage that cannot be ignored, but it is not the only one...

Bordeaux also enjoys an attractive and lively cultural activity. Its majestic historical past has earned it the nickname of "Sleeping Beauty", as it is still present everywhere in the city thanks to the many historical buildings. After Paris, it is the second French city with the most UNESCO World Heritage monuments and has been on the list since 2007 as an "exceptional urban ensemble".

Its geographical location makes it a dynamic city, ideally situated between the sea and the countryside. It is close to the Atlantic coast on the one hand, and to the Arcachon basin some sixty kilometres away on the other hand, it radiates on an exceptional terroir that extends over nearly 120,000 hectares of cultivated vineyards. Enough to delight professional travellers from all over the world who pass through there throughout the year and to convince some of them to settle there.

A professional event planned in Bordeaux? We have selected for you quality furnished accommodation close to the city's major business centres and centres of interest.

What accommodation to choose when travelling to Bordeaux for business ?

Bordeaux is definitely a city that is particularly suited for bleisure. To make the most of your free time, accommodation plays an important role. Favouring furnished hotel rentals allows you to be more independent but also to benefit from quality, comfortable and reasonably priced accommodation. MagicStay offers you a selection of accommodation: studios, apart-hotels, furnished apartments for short term rental in Bordeaux... that make you feel at home during your business trip.

In addition, much more suitable than a hotel, short-term furnished rentals are also an excellent way to settle in the city in the context of a transfer, expatriation or impatriation while waiting to find permanent accommodation. Don't hesitate to ask for help from a relocation agency during your relocation process. If you are staying for a long assignment not exceeding 10 months, such as for travellers coming for training, consultants, seconded workers or students, consider the mobility lease to facilitate your search for a furnished apartment to rent for a short period in Bordeaux. We will explain how it works.

Whether it is for a few days, several months or for a furnished apartment while you are waiting to find a permanent home when you settle for an indefinite period of time, find, anywhere in the world, the accommodation that suits you best thanks to MagicStay.

Short term rentals close to the major trade shows in Bordeaux.

Throughout the year, many professional events, trade shows and congresses are organised in Bordeaux. These include :

- Alina, a trade show dedicated to the food industry in New Aquitaine, organized every two years in September.
- Vinitech - Sifel, a worldwide gathering of equipment and service professionals in the arboriculture, wine and market gardening sectors, is organized every two years in December.
- The wellness, organic and therapy fair Bordeaux takes place every year in November at the Bordeaux Convention Centre.
- Art3f Bordeaux, international contemporary art fair in Bordeaux in November
- ADS Show, the international aeronautics and defence MCO exhibition, takes place every two years in September.
- The International Symposium on Supercritical Fluids is held every three years in May.
- The Salon de l'agriculture Nouvelle-Aquitaine is held every year in May.
- The International Fair of Bordeaux, every year in the month of May
- Equitaine, Aquitaine horse show in May
- Aquitanima, a show dedicated to cattle breeding and genetics in Aquitaine, every year in May.
- Autonomic Atlantic, a trade fair dedicated to the service of dependent elderly people and people with disabilities, is held every year in March.
- The Independent Winegrowers' Wine Show - Bordeaux, in March

With the exception of the wellness fair, to attend all these events, you will have an appointment at the Bordeaux-Lac Exhibition Centre.

Spend a stay in Bordeaux, and don't miss anything about the city.

Whether you spend a few days or just a few hours, here are our ideas for enjoying your Bordeaux getaway.

Find a furnished rental in Bordeaux in the historic center.

In 2007, the architectural wealth of Bordeaux was recognised and included on the UNESCO World Heritage List under the name "Bordeaux, Port of the Moon", the name given to the city's port for its crescent shape! This heritage is more than considerable given the number of buildings listed as Historic Monuments: there are more than 350 of them! A large-scale classical and neo-classical style complex, which extends over approximately 1810 hectares, thus representing almost half of the city.

Accommodation in Bordeaux near the Miroir d'Eau.

Place de la Bourse, on the banks of the Garonne River, admire the majestic 18th century buildings reflected in the unmistakable Water Mirror. This contemporary work of art created in 2006 by the landscape architect Michel Corajoud offers a real spectacle for the eyes, alternating fog and mirror effects.

Book a furnished apartment in Bordeaux near the Wine City to get drunk on history!

Opened in 2016, the Cité du Vin offers its visitors an exceptional journey to discover wine culture through history and civilizations on a 3000 m2 site, divided into 20 themed areas. After this immersion, meet up at a height of 35 metres in the belvedere for a unique wine tasting!

Book an accommodation in Bordeaux, near the Pey-Berland Tower.

Situated on the border between old Bordeaux and the more modern part of the city, the Cathedral of Saint-André has been, over the centuries, the preferred venue for royal events. Even if its past is prestigious, it is above all renowned for its particularity... Indeed, its bell tower built in the 12th century was no longer strong enough to support the bells and the drone, so a detached bell tower was erected in 1440. This impressive tower, 50 meters high, is considered the most beautiful religious building in the city. To reach the top and enjoy a breathtaking view over the whole of Bordeaux, you will have to climb 229 steps: good luck!

Accommodation in Bordeaux near the Monument aux Girondins place des Quinconces.

This pretty rectangular square owes its name to the staggered tree plantations that occupy half of this esplanade that slopes gently down towards the Garonne. It was laid out at the beginning of the 19th century, and at the beginning of the following century it was home to the impressive Monument aux Girondins, which pays homage to the Girondin deputies who were victims of the Terror. The column, overhung by the green bronze Statue of Liberty, stands 54 metres high and is reflected in the majestic fountain at its foot. It is an ideal place for a quiet stroll.

Lodging in Bordeaux near the CAPC, Museum of Contemporary Art.

Installed in the former Lainé Warehouse built in 1824 to store food from the colonies, it was renovated in 1973 to become the Centre for Contemporary Plastic Arts and then the city's Museum of Contemporary Art in 1984. It houses one of the largest collections of contemporary works in France, including those by Keith Haring and Christian Boltanski, among others.

A short term rental in Bordeaux, right bank to explore the Darwin Ecosystem.

We leave the historic district on the left bank to go to the other side of the Garonne and discover an alternative cultural space installed on a former military barracks that covers nearly 20,000m2. You come to discover the creations of street artists, visit the urban farm, buy quality products in the organic grocery store, enjoy a good meal at the Magasin Général, the largest organic restaurant in the country, or simply relax and have a drink at the water's edge.

Accommodation in an apart-hotel in Bordeaux, near the Aquitaine Museum.

The Museum of Aquitaine brings together documents and archaeological, ethnographic and historical objects that retrace the past of the city of Bordeaux and the Aquitaine region, from prehistory to the present day.

Going out for a drink in the Saint-Pierre district.

Just a stone's throw from the Place de la Bourse, in historic Bordeaux, the Saint-Pierre district is very lively. Take a stroll through its picturesque alleys and facades, the impressive Place du Parlement and the magnificent 35-metre high Porte Cailhau. Afterwards, you can sit down on the terrace of one of the many cafés to enjoy a well-deserved glass of wine! Don't forget to accompany it with the famous Canelés to be found in one of the many shops of the Baillardran house, the reference in the matter.

Take time off on the wine roads of Bordeaux.

We let ourselves be taken on one of the 6 Bordeaux wine routes: the hillsides of Bourg and Blaye to the north, the famous Saint-Emilion to the north-east, the Médoc to the north-west and the Graves and Sauternes to the south. Numerous tours are organised according to your tastes: tastings, visits to cellars, initiation to oenology, etc. All this in moderation!

Find your accommodation in short-term furnished rentals in Bordeaux for your next business trip.


We have selected the best accommodations and aparthotels in Bordeaux for you, close to major business centres.



  •  The historic centre of Bordeaux
  •  The wine cellars (caves) of Bordeaux
  •  Le Musée des Beaux-arts (The Museum of Fine Arts)
  •  Le Port de la Lune (The Port of the Moon)
  •  The Médoc Wine Route



  • La place de la Victoire
  •  The Saint Pierre and Saint Eloi Quarters
  •  The Quai de Paludate

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