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Cradle of many international organizations, permanent missions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), Geneva is a world city. Its reputation and influence in the political, economic and cultural spheres attract millions of visitors every year. Its geographical location, close to the Alps and on the shores of Lake Geneva, makes it a very welcoming destination for business travellers. But Geneva is also an expensive city. So, to find accommodation for a business trip, it is best to prefer a short term rental in Geneva for a short period of time. You can also book an aparthotel in Geneva.

Furnished rental in Geneva close to its many international organizations.

Geneva is the city that hosts the largest number of international organizations in the world. In total, there are no less than 23 international organizations and 759 non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Among them, the WTO, World Trade Organization, WHO, World Health Organization, CERN, European Organization for Nuclear Research, and above all, the European headquarters of the United Nations and the ICRC, International Committee of the Red Cross, have earned Geneva its nickname of "capital of peace".

Thanks to these international organizations, Geneva has distinguished itself in many fields: humanitarian law and peace, disarmament, but also health, labour, trade, scientific research and sustainable development. Together with New York, Geneva is one of the world's leading centres of international diplomacy. Every year, more than 2,500 conferences and meetings are held here, attracting nearly 205,000 delegates from all over the world. Not counting the official visits, more than 4,000 a year, of Heads of State and Government, ministers and high dignitaries.

Find a furnished apartment in Geneva, a pleasant city to live in, but an expensive city.

In 2019, according to a study conducted by Mercer Consulting, Geneva ranked 9th in the ranking of metropolises offering the best quality of life in the world. As a cosmopolitan capital, Geneva offers an excellent quality of life to its inhabitants, but it is also one of the most expensive cities in the world. This haven of peace has a price, and so do hotels. Unaccessible for small or medium budgets, it is almost impossible to find a hotel for less than 100 euros a night, even with low standards. For consultants, travellers who come for several weeks for training, long missions, it is often difficult to respect the budgets set by the travel policies of companies. Opting for short-term rental in Geneva can reduce accommodation costs and allow them to fully enjoy the city and feel "at home".

Looking for short term rental in Geneva, close to the trade fairs.

Geneva enjoys a worldwide reputation thanks to its many international organizations that contribute to its economic dynamism. The city is also a centre of choice for the luxury industries and home to many multinational companies. Throughout the year, the city is highly frequented by professional travellers. The trade fairs that are organised in Palexpo there throughout the year, some of which are a must for certain sectors, also contribute to the city's attractiveness. Here is the list of the next ones:

- Art Geneva, International Fair of Modern and Contemporary Art,
- The Geneva International Training and Career Fair,
- The Geneva International Motor Show,
- The International Exhibition of Inventions and New Techniques in Geneva,
- Index, International Symposium on Nonwovens,
- The SIHH, the International Luxury Watchmaking Exhibition, reserved for professionals of prestige watches,
- Vitafoods Europe, trade fair dedicated to nutraceutical products,
- EBACE, the annual convention and exhibition of the European Business Aviation Community,
- The LEC, the connected event, the largest Swiss gathering dedicated to digital and IT (merger of eCom, Swiss IT Business, SMARC & Retail-Expo),
- The EPHJ-EPMT-SMT 2020, the most important annual trade fair in Switzerland since it brings together the EPHJ, the International Watch and Jewellery Show, the EPMT, the International Microtechnology Show and the SMT, the International Medical Technology Show,
- The Geneva International Book and Press Fair,
- The Geneva boat show - Salon nautique du Léman,
- Les Automnales, Geneva International Fair on the theme of home, leisure and well-being.

All these events will take place at Palexpo, the Geneva Exhibition Centre, located near Geneva International Airport. In order to facilitate your travel, MagicStay offers accommodation close to the exhibition centre.

The advantages of a furnished apartment for short term rental in Geneva.

Opting for a furnished apartment during your business trip allows you to reduce accommodation costs. It is all the more economical when a team shares a furnished apartment. In addition to the financial aspect, choosing a short-term rental in Geneva with MagicStay has many other advantages. Carefully selected, each furnished apartment offers quality services for a successful stay. MagicStays furnished apartments are managed by professionals: real estate agencies, apart-hotels or concierge services. Whether you opt for a short term furnished rental or a long term furnished accommodation, you benefit from 24/7 assistance. Staying in a furnished apartment or aparthotel also means choosing comfort and privacy, thanks in particular to the private kitchen. It also allows you to reduce the costs related to catering and to feel "like at home".

Choosing a furnished apartment or an apparthotel for your professional stay in Geneva is also the perfect opportunity to continue your journey in a blue-sky stay. All the more so as Geneva is located very close to the ski slopes, so why not make the most of it!

Where to choose your short term rental in Geneva ?

As the second most populated city in Switzerland after Zurich, Geneva has a very rich natural and cultural heritage that seduces both its inhabitants and its visitors. Among the multitude of parks, museums and centres of interest, here is a selection of activities and places to visit during your professional stay in Geneva.

Book your furnished apartment in Geneva, in the Eaux-Vives district and admire the Jet d'eau.

It is impossible to miss the famous Jet d'eau de Genève, the true emblem of the city. In the 19th century, the rapidly expanding city saw its population almost double in less than fifty years. The need for water was then more and more necessary, both for the inhabitants and for the development of industry. So, in 1886, the town built a hydraulic plant to pump and redistribute pressurized water from the Rhone to the town's craftsmen for the use of machinery. When the workshops closed at night, to avoid overpressure, a safety valve was created, propelling the water upwards to lower the pressure in the pipes. In 1891, the first water jet was born and measured 30 metres. Today, it culminates 140 metres high in the heart of the harbour and is one of Geneva's most popular tourist attractions.

Find a short-term rental in Geneva near the English Garden and wind your clocks in front of the flowered clock.

Located near the Jet d'eau, the English Garden is ideal for a stroll or a jog. It is one of the city's most popular parks, with its breathtaking view of the harbour and the Jet d'eau. In July/August, during the Geneva Festivals, you can attend the many concerts that are given there.

The most famous of all the clocks in the city is located in the English Garden. Created in 1955, the Flower Clock is the fruit of the work of a goldsmith, both watchmaker and horticulturist, and is today one of the city's emblems with its millimetre-sized decoration, reworked at each change of season.

Lodging in Geneva near the Brunswick Monument in the Alpine Garden.

Created on a former natural harbour in 1862, this public garden is home to one of the city's flagship monuments: the Brunswick Monument. On his death in 1873, Duke Charles II of Brunswick decided to bequeath his fortune to the city of Geneva, in exchange for a beautiful funeral and the construction of a monument in his name. His wish was granted, since in 1877 the mausoleum was erected, designed by the architect Jean Franel.

Stroll through the old town and find your furnished accommodation in Geneva near the Saint-Pierre Cathedral.

The old town, with its medieval alleyways and Saint-Pierre Cathedral, Geneva's main Protestant church since 1535, is the city's charming asset. The cathedral, built from 1160 onwards, was rebuilt many times as its different styles, both Romanesque and Gothic, but also neo-classical, especially on the façade. Its location, as the dominant point of the paved old town, offers an exceptional panorama of the city and Lake Geneva from the top of the 157 steps leading to the top of the north tower. In addition to its breathtaking view and the twenty or so bells of the carillon in the basement, St Peter's Cathedral contains an extremely rich archaeological site, ranging from prehistory, from the 3rd century BC to the 12th century, when the cathedral was built. In particular, there are the remains of churches, the first of which date back to the end of the 4th century. 

Obligatory stop in front of the Reformers' Wall.

Situated in the Bastions Park in the Plainpalais district in the centre of the city, the International Monument of the Reformation is an unmissable place when visiting Geneva. Leaning against the old city walls, it is about 100 metres long. It was built in 1909 to mark the 400th anniversary of the birth of Jean Calvin - an important figure in the reform of the church in Geneva - and the 350th anniversary of the foundation of the Geneva Academy (University of Geneva today). On the wall are statues of the great preachers in the centre, and on the sides, those of the protectors of the Protestant Reformation in the United States and Europe.

Explore the many museums and cultural places of the city.

Whether you are a lover of art, history, archaeology, botany, ceramics, etc. between municipal and private museums, you will undoubtedly find your happiness in Geneva.

- The Museum of Art and History: in the heart of the old town, one of the largest museums in Switzerland with its 650,000 objects of applied art, fine arts and archaeology.
- The MEG - Museum of Ethnography: a rich collection of objects (approx. 100,000) and documents (300,000) from the 5 continents.
- The Red Cross Museum
- The MIR - International Museum of the Reformation
- La Maison Tavel: museum dedicated to the history of the city of Geneva
- The Rath Museum: Switzerland's first art museum
- The Philippe Patek Museum: dedicated to the history of watchmaking since the 16th century
- CERN: European Organization for Nuclear Research. This world-renowned fundamental physics laboratory, founded in 1954, is also the birthplace of the web.
- The Botanical Garden: 12,000 species of plants from the four corners of the globe on 28 hectares.
- The Natural History Museum: Switzerland's largest natural history museum devoted to animals and minerals

Book a furnished apartment for short term rental in Geneva near the Palais des Nations.

This neoclassical-style complex of buildings built between 1929 and 1937 houses the European headquarters of the United Nations, the most important headquarters of the UN after New York. Visits are organised every day. In front of the palace, on the Place des Nations, the Broken Chair, a monumental wooden sculpture 12 metres high, represents a huge chair with one of its legs broken. This work by artist Daniel Berset, commissioned by Handicap International, was installed in 1997 to symbolise the fight against anti-personnel mines.

Lunch in a food truck.

Every lunchtime, no less than 10 food trucks set up in the city's busiest places offer take-away meals to be enjoyed, why not, in one of Geneva's many parks. The trucks have been rigorously selected by the city. On the programme, fresh, seasonal and local products!

Lodging in Geneva in the Bains district to have fun!

It's the trendy district of Geneva! Between the many galleries and the MAMCO - Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, bars and restaurants, this multicultural district is constantly on the move. Perfect for modern art lovers and night owls!

Are you passing through Geneva for a short professional stay or for a long mission? Find the ideal short term rental in Geneva thanks to MagicStay! You can book also your aparthotel in Geneva at the best price on MagicStay.


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