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The capital of Germany is one of the most dynamic economic regions in Europe. Berlin is Germany's leading congress city with numerous events and trade fairs throughout the year and attracts a large number of professionals. In terms of culture, it is also an extremely attractive destination. So whether you are visiting for a short term assignment, or as part of a long term assignment, secondment or even expatriation, you might as well book a short term rental in Berlin, or an aparthotel or furnished flat to enjoy it!

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Since its reunification, Berlin has become a true world metropolis. The city has developed, modernized, and new centers have been created. If it is attractive to professionals from all over the world who come to attend the many events organized each year, such as the Berlinale, Berlin's international film festival, it is also its past and its artistic activity that make its reputation. Tourists from all over the world flock to the German capital in their millions. Every year, it welcomes around 12 million visitors.

Berlin's cultural attractions include 170 museums, 140 libraries and 60 theatres, not to mention the architectural treasures to be admired throughout the city. Finally, in the heart of the German capital, numerous green spaces, lakes and rivers are ideal for nature lovers who come here to recharge their batteries, as well as water sports enthusiasts.

Passing through Berlin as part of a business trip? We have selected quality furnished accommodation close to the city's major business centres and centres of interest.

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Every year, the German capital organizes hundreds of events, congresses and trade fairs that attract professionals from all over the world. Among the most popular are :

- The Berlinale, the Berlin International Film Festival,
- The ITB Berlin, international tourism fair, at the Messe Berlin
- Pest-Protect, International Congress on Pest Control, Disinfection, Crop Protection and Building Protection at the Arena Berlin
- The European Sign Expo, the international trade fair for the sign and visual communication industry, at the Messegelände Berlin
- Energy harvesting and storage Europe, the trade fair for energy harvesting and storage, at the Estrel Berlin Hotel & Convention Center
- ILA - Berlin Air Show, international air show at Berlin ExpoCenter Airport
- The SMAU Berlino, international trade fair for information technology and telecommunications,
- CWIEME Berlin, the international trade fair for electrical windings, insulation and the manufacture of electrical machines, will take place at the Messegelände Berlin.
- Berlin Premium, Berlin's international fashion trade fair, at Station Berlin
- IFA Berlin, the world's leading trade fair for electronics and household appliances, at Messegelände Berlin
- The World publishinf expo - IFRA expo & conference, the world's leading trade fair for mobile, tablet, print and online publishing technologies at Messegelände Berlin
- The BCB - Bar convent Berlin, international trade fair for beverages and equipment for cafes and bars, at the Messegelände Berlin
- Innotrans, international trade fair for transport engineering, at the Messegelände Berlin
- Cosmetica Berlin, trade fair for cosmetics at the Messegelände Berlin
- Belektro, electrical engineering fair at the Messegelände Berlin
- ARCHITECT@WORK - Berlin, trade fair for architecture and interior design at Station Berlin
- Wasser Berlin International, the international trade fair for the water industry, will take place at Messegelände Berlin
- The World Congress of WFBSC, an international gathering dedicated to building services, at the Messegelände Berlin

Short term rentals in Berlin: the ideal accommodation to feel good.

After a long day's work in Berlin, what could be better than to feel like you're going home to decompress? There's nothing like renting furnished accommodation in Berlin for many reasons.

The aparthotels in Berlin or furnished flats on offer at MagicStay are ideally located, well-equipped with a separate kitchen, but are also extremely comfortable and secure. Much more pleasant than hotels, which are often expensive, they allow you to reduce the budget linked to accommodation but also to optimise costs within the framework of a team sharing a furnished apartment. While employees can meet in common rooms, each has his or her own privacy with his or her own room. Whether it is for training, for a short mission to attend a trade show for example, or for an expatriation, secondment or long mission, this can be an excellent way to overcome isolation during business trips. It's a great way to feel "at home"!

Planning a business trip to Berlin? MagicStay will help you find your ideal furnished accommodation.

In which district should you choose your short-term rental in Berlin?

As a cultural city par excellence, Berlin has a large number of attractions. Here's a list, but it's not exhaustive!

Accommodation in Berlin, close to the remnants of the Wall.

A symbol of freedom, the Berlin Wall has marked history and divided the city in two for 28 years. It is a must when visiting the German capital. Despite its fall in 1989, the wall has today become a monument, or rather its remains, part of which has been painted and decorated in the East Side Gallery area.

Choose your furnished apartment or aparthotel in Berlin near the Parliament building.

Today the seat of the German Parliament, this neo-classical building was built in 1884 to house the Reichstag from 1894 onwards. A visit to the building takes you back into the history of the place, but the highlight is the glass dome designed by Norman Foster, a symbol of the transparency of political life.

Living in Berlin close to the Brandenburg Gate.

Located near the Pariser Platz, it is one of the oldest gateways into the city, inaugurated in 1791. The Brandenburg Gate is a tourist attraction not to be missed. The 26-metre high Brandenburg Gate is one of the city's landmarks and a symbol of peace. Built in neoclassical style, it is a nod to the remains of the Acropolis of Athens. Superbly illuminated at nightfall, it can be admired during the day as well as in the evening.

Immerse yourself in the bowels of Berlin via the Unterwelten-Museum.

Do you want to discover the hidden side of Berlin? Visit the underground city with the Unterwelten-Museum (Museum of Underground Worlds). Accompanied by a guide, you will wander through Berlin's galleries, tunnels and bunkers to discover how they were used during the Second World War. There are several different routes and themes for your visit, allowing you to immerse yourself in the incredible swarming of Berlin's wartime underground life.

Get lost in Charlottenburg Palace.

This baroque castle was built between 1695 and 1699 for Queen Sophie-Charlotte, second wife of Frederick III. In addition to the splendour of the interior salons, the baroque gardens are a real breath of fresh air, a haven of peace in the heart of the city to take a break by the lake.

Visit the Museum Island.

Berlin has something for everyone, and the Museum Island, located in the heart of the city on the River Spree, is one of the most important museum complexes in the world, so much so that the complex has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Island of Museums includes 5 prestigious museums: the New Museum, which brings together pieces of prehistoric and protohistoric Egyptian art, including the bust of Nefertiti. The Old Museum gathers a collection of classical antiquities. There is also the Museum of Pergamon, the most visited museum in the city, which brings together classical antiquities but also from the Near East and Islamic art. There is also the Old National Gallery of Berlin, which brings together paintings, sculptures and statues from the 19th century, and finally, the Bode Museum, which has one of the largest collections of sculptures in the world and a collection of Byzantine art.

A furnished apartment in Berlin's Cathedral district.

Identifiable thanks to its green copper dome, Berlin Cathedral is the city's most emblematic religious monument. Built between 1894 and 1905, it faces the Imperial Palace and dominates the Lustgarten garden. The most courageous will climb the 270 steps to the top to gain height over the city.

Enjoy the view from the TV Tower.

Berlin's Television Tower rises to 368 metres. It is the tallest building in the country and offers a panoramic view of the entire capital and its surroundings. Built in 1969, the Berlin Television Tower (Fernsehturm) is an attraction not to be missed for those who are not afraid of heights and if you feel a little peckish once you get to the top, a panoramic restaurant has been set up to provide you with a good meal! Located on Alexanderplatz, the most touristy square in the heart of Berlin, you can also visit the Universal Clock to wind your clocks.



  •  Reichstag building (between 1h and 2h)
  •  Berlin Cathedral (between 30 minutes and 2h)
  •  Charlottenburg Palace (between half a day and a day)
  •  Gemäldegalerie (between 2h to half a day)
  •  Brandenburg Gate (30 minutes)



  •  Alexander Platz
  •  Potsdamer Platz
  •  Unter den Linden
  •  Prenzlauer Berg
  •  Pariser Platz

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