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Accommodation in Rome: short-term rentals for business travelers

Rome, the city that has seen reigning Caesar is a city full of history but knew how to evolve towards more modernism to fit the mold of the major global cities of the 21st century.


Capital of Italy since 1871, Rome is situated in the west center of the Italian peninsula, on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The city was also the capital of the Roman Empire for several centuries. With a little less than 3 million inhabitants spread over 1,285 km2, Rome is the most populated town in Italy and is also one of the largest municipality in Europe, after Moscow and London. The history of Rome spans over twenty-eight centuries, since its mythical foundation by Romulus in 753 BC to its current role as the capital of the Italian Republic. The city is also the birthplace of many remarkable artworks that have passed through the time, some of them are La Pietà or the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, the Coliseum, a true identity card of the city of Rome and the Vatican City which is the world capital of Catholicism.


Tourism is one of the key industries of the city with its numerous monuments and museums. Nowadays, Rome has a dynamic and diversified economy in technology and communications. The services sector is thriving and produces 6.7% of the national GDP (more than any other city in Italy), in addition, many corporate offices, ministries, conference centers, stadiums and museums are located in the city’s business districts.


We have selected the best accommodations and services, close to major business centers.



The Coliseum

The Altare della Patria

The Piazza della Repubblica

The Castel Sant'Angelo (or the Mausoleum of Hadrian)

The Trevi Fountain

The St. Peter's Basilica

The Sistine Chapel



San Lorenzo district

Trastevere district

Testaccio district


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  • -  Special event on Design & Architecture
    Fiera di Roma – October 2019 / (Dates not specified)
  • - National Show of Wedding and Full Dress as well as Accessories and Services for the Wedding Day
    Palazzo dei Congressi – October 2019 / (Dates not specified)
  • - Mostra Mercato de l'Artigiani e del 'Enogastronomia
    Fiera di Roma – November 2019 / (Dates not specified)
  • -  International amusement & gaming show
    Fiera di Roma – March 2020 / (Dates not specified)
  • - Salon Dell 'Equitazione e Dell'Ippica
    Fiera di Roma – January 2020 / (Dates not specified)