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Cannes, France

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Short term rentals in Cannes

As part of my expatriation, MagicStay was able to find my short-term rental in order to give me time to discover New York and choose the area where I would live.

Simon Briart

Furnished apartment, 3 bedrooms - New York, USA.

Tailor-made solutions for short term rentals, serviced apartments and holiday apartments

MagicStay is the specialist in short-term rentals and holiday apartments for holidays or business trips. MagicStay offers personalised solutions for business travellers or employees on professional mobility (expatriates, long missions...). For short, medium or long term, we offer an unrivalled choice of professionally managed holiday rentals, short term rentals and serviced apartments. Are you travelling for a family holiday or a weekend with friends? MagicStay, with its experience as the leader in furnished apartments and aparthotels for business trips, offers a full range of holiday rentals and vacation rentals in every city in the world. Ski holidays, seaside holidays, country holidays, discovering big cities... For short or long term, we offer you an unequalled choice of professionally managed furnished apartments and holiday rentals.

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Book your short term rentals or holiday apartments on MagicStay, a platform with over 2.5 million furnished apartments worldwide. 24/7 assistance during check-in, holiday rentals managed by professionals, secure payments...



Find your temporary accommodation in complete serenity: short or long stay, business trip, professional mobility, bleisure, work at your home... and benefit from services offered by professionals.


Travel agency / TMC

Our short term rentals are available to your agents or directly integrated into your booking tools. Our off-line service will answer your particular requests.


Travel Manager

Our furnished apartments meet all your requirements. (Duty of Care, GDPR...)

They will be available in your SBT (Concur®, KDS®...) or via our Weezard® software.


Professional mobility

For your expatriates or impatriates, or for your employees on missions, we will offer you furnished apartments for short or medium term.


MagicStay, the best holiday apartments for your holidays and business trips

For tourism, business travel, expatriation or long assignments, MagicStay offers several hundred thousand furnished apartments worldwide, available for short-term rentals. These holiday rentals, managed by professionals (real estate agencies or serviced apartments), offer you the best services. They can be booked directly on our website, by immediate booking, or in our ABT® (Apartment Booking Tool) Weezard® or in your SBT (Concur®, KDS®...). Our team will present an offer that is best adapted to your needs.

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I prefer to stay in a furnished apartment rather than in a hotel as soon as my stay exceeds five nights. I am more independent and feel more secure.

Fabrice Sinoly

Furnished apartment - Paris, France

Furnished apartments for short term rentals

MagicStay is the first global platform dedicated to corporate stays: business travellers, expatriates, employees on long assignments. These furnished apartments are now available for tourism: holiday rentals and short term lets. We offer over 2 million holiday apartments worldwide. These short term rentals are managed by professionals: concierge services, real estate agencies, apartment hotels. With a 24 / 7 customer care, we will accompany you at every moment, and put at the heart of our DNA the protection of your personal data. With MagicStay, you will stay in complete confidence during your vacation rental.


Our awards

MagicStay has been awarded numerous prizes, often by Travel Managers and Mobility Managers of large companies. They reward our exclusive technology which makes it possible to provide professional travellers with apartments that meet company challenges: duty of care, personal data protection, 24/7 assistance, immediate booking, integration into business travel booking tools, connection to payment and security players, short and long stays...

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